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Finding GFF

Last year, I told myself to find someone who can be my Mr. Jonjon Sarmiento version in region 8. Why Mr. Sarmiento? Why not? He has a big heart for organic farming, generous and an expert in his own right in practical farming. He has a nonchalant approach to teaching as if he is not and speaks from his heart, and practices and experiments in the level that fellow farmers can easily understand and emulate.

Utilizing Indigenous Food Resources: Mission Possible

Being one of the participants and representing the country (Philippines) for a one (1) month training course entitled Utilizing Indigenous Food Resources for Food Security in Thailand is a bit far from my expectation. When this scholarship was given to me last February, all I did is to comply because this is what the management want me to do - not thinking that it could be possible. Well, it seems that nothing is really impossible.

Alomah’s Place: Amidst the Zipline Hoopla

 When one hears the word Dahilayan, it is always associated with the longest zipline in the country (although the record may not be true anymore as more ziplines are being launched). It brought this small barangay in Manolo Fortich in Bukidnon to the forefront of the consciousness of thrill seekers from even as far as Luzon. Add to the adventures offered is the cool climate and majestic vista. What makes it super attractive is its proximity to Cagayan de Oro City with less than an hour ride.

Value for Money, Shopping for Health

Inspired by an extension activity designed to curb obesity implemented by the Cornell University Cooperative Extension (CUCE) in New York City, ATI-RTC 8 implemented a similar activity under its Organic Agriculture (OA) program to educate mothers on the value of money with the food they prepared. The activity, which took place in Calag-itan, Hinunangan, Southern Leyte on March 23, 2015 was dubbed "Value for Money: Shopping for Health".

Selling point

Entice. Mr Webster defines it as to draw on artfully. Its synonyms are lure, charm, attract and persuade. To do it, one must have a unique selling point. This is what many of our Magsasaka Siyentista (MS) do. They innovate to attract and influence.

Organic Agriculture, Then and Now

In the very early part of the previous decade, our entourage from the ATI Regional Training Center in Bicol visited emerging and established agricultural hubs in other parts of Luzon as a staff development activity.

The Master's Garden was one of the completely unexpected yet singularly memorable sites that the ATI in the Cordillera Autonomous Region led us to. Organic farming was then barely mentioned as an intervention in agriculture.

Weed and wild

"Go back and find yourself", Mr Dionisio "Dion" Pullan was told after the loss of someone dear to him.

He came back to the Philippines and to the place where he used to go as a child. The place is Bangkong Kahoy Valley in Dolores, Quezon, which is 7 kilometers from the town proper. It is a block of titled land in a protected area, nesling between two mountains, the Mt Banahaw and Mt Cristobal. His great grandfather firmly told them not to sell the place, "though you bite the rock".

A Trip to Bountiful Valley

“Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life” --- Wayne Dyer

In Pursuit of Passion

Nestled at the foot of Mount Banahaw is a place where one can unwind and leave the worries of the world behind. Upon arrival, it beckons weary souls in the workplace for rest and respite.

Start Small

It is but common to us that in every endeavour we aspire for, we wanted to have huge, big and or an enormous result or impact. Thus, it is as well given, that only a few thrived because most of them failed.

Getting what we give

It is like the law of echo. It is like a kickback from a kick. Sometimes we get much more because we also get the interest from what we deposited. The Rapha Valley cautioned us on what we give to our bodies.

Rapha is Hebrew word for healer. Dr Albert Jo said that he named the place Rapha after the Hebrew "Jehovah Rapha" or "God the Healer". The place is in Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental. Dr Jo advocates healing through healthy lifestyle. Since food affects what we are, we need to be extra careful of what goes into our bodies.

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