Natural farming

Bangkong Kahoy

Once there was a tree, which had a strong bond with a boy.  The tree let the boy climbed its branches and picked its fruit.  The boy did and he was happy. When the boy became a man, the tree offered its trunk for him to make a boat so he could sail to other places and be happy.  The man did and was happy.  When he became old, the tree offered its stump for him to sit and reflect and be happy.  The old man did and was glad.

Getting what we give

It is like the law of echo. It is like a kickback from a kick. Sometimes we get much more because we also get the interest from what we deposited. The Rapha Valley cautioned us on what we give to our bodies.

Rapha is Hebrew word for healer. Dr Albert Jo said that he named the place Rapha after the Hebrew "Jehovah Rapha" or "God the Healer". The place is in Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental. Dr Jo advocates healing through healthy lifestyle. Since food affects what we are, we need to be extra careful of what goes into our bodies.

The Month of August, Costales Nature Farms, and a Merry Mix of Young Ones

At least in our part of the country, folklore has it that August is a month when people are advised to be particularly cautious. It's the month, it is said, when animals are particularly vicious and accidents happen.

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