Techno Gabay

That was fun!

It’s been a busy year, to say the least. No doubt our training center is not alone in saying this. Perhaps the entire ATI network can honestly say that it has been a year of work, work, work.

Relevance in the midst of all the drudgery – therein lies the challenge.

Sometimes (or too often?) our work becomes too exacting, demanding, or mandatory, that we forget we should look not just on the numbers, but also particularly on the results – what people really need, not just report indicators.

A pile to smile about

 On September 9, 2011, I attended the joint meeting of the Region Eight Applied Communications Task Force (REACTF) and the Regional Management Information System-Core Group (RMIS-CG) of the Visayas Consortium for Agriculture and Resources Program.  Part of the discussion is the upcoming silver anniversary and debut of the REACTF and RMIS-CG, respectively, in June 2012.

Nemo dat quod non habet

Nemo dat quod non habet.. a prevalent Latin expression which means you cannot give what you do not have. True enough! One cannot give a penny if his own pocket is empty, bread if his own stomach grumbles or a factual program if he himself is misled. I’ve been at the Techno-Gabay Program Appreciation Course in Bohol just recently. It was really a good experience. A lot of times were allotted to, uhm well, appreciate! Not to mention the five-star accommodation where you can have a 360 view of the whole island. Thank you RTC-7 for your overwhelming hospitality!

e-Extension CoMotion

Another year had passed that brought together the e-Extension coordinators for the e-Extension CoMotion: 3rd Program Assessment and Planning Workshop last March 15-19, 2010 at Oasis Hotel in Angeles City, Pampanga .

Empowering the PMAs

Partner Member Agencies (PMAs) were instituted by the Techno Gabay Program (TGP) to help in the program implementation. Each PMA will cover a certain province or district in their area. Responsibilities of PMAs are as follows:

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