Exploring OA Practices in the Cordilleras: 2nd Bloggers’ Event for Organic Agriculture

Republic Act 10068, also known as the Organic Agriculture Act of 2010, outlines the policy to promote, propagate, develop further and implement the practice of organic agriculture in the Philippines.

Always, onward

As aptly told by Ms. Meitats in Demystifying Sagada!, the e-Learning Office coordinators’ first get-together earlier this year was in the highlands of the Cordilleras. The activity reviewed the barely two-year old e-Learning program’s considerable successes and necessarily some lessons learned, and thus properly plan for the trajectory of its future activities.

Demystifying Sagada!

I think this chronicle is long overdue. Wala na ang thrill L. But, it’s worth it naman to post it here… You might be surprised why I chosed this title. Allow me to use this as I would like to share the many delights of … our Sagada Adventure.

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