It's what we do

Sir Jim: Give example of a topic for your blog...

We: Extension...

Sir Jim: Extension of what?

We: It's what we do...

Funny but this happened during our training on blogging and photography with our resource person Mr. Jaime Ramon 'Jim' Paredes of Apo Hiking Society. We were used to having resource persons who are familiar with what we do that we just assumed the rest would also know, which include Sir Jim.

Nonetheless, let me tell many others who don't know who we are and what we are.

What Works and What Nots: Travails of a Week-long Extensionist, Part 2

Our participation at the Tabo sa Umahan in Misamis Oriental’s 83rd anniversary celebration allowed us to know more our potential clients in the province.

Since we are promoting the e-Extension Program for Agriculture and Fisheries, particularly e-learning, most of the enthusiastic visitors at the booth were the younger ones. The older ones either have problems with their eyesight or getting a headache when using computers or that they do not use the internet.

That was fun!

It’s been a busy year, to say the least. No doubt our training center is not alone in saying this. Perhaps the entire ATI network can honestly say that it has been a year of work, work, work.

Relevance in the midst of all the drudgery – therein lies the challenge.

Sometimes (or too often?) our work becomes too exacting, demanding, or mandatory, that we forget we should look not just on the numbers, but also particularly on the results – what people really need, not just report indicators.

TOT participants briefed on e-Extension

The series of training of trainers on AgriPinoy framework became a venue for the e-Extension coordinators (eEC) to promote the e-Extension program of the Department of Agriculture, which is being carried on by the Agricultural Training Institute.

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