That was fun!

It’s been a busy year, to say the least. No doubt our training center is not alone in saying this. Perhaps the entire ATI network can honestly say that it has been a year of work, work, work.

Relevance in the midst of all the drudgery – therein lies the challenge.

Sometimes (or too often?) our work becomes too exacting, demanding, or mandatory, that we forget we should look not just on the numbers, but also particularly on the results – what people really need, not just report indicators.

Jesse Robredo: Local Hero and National Dreamcatcher

I was never a resident of Naga City, but I have heard of the exceptional and upright leadership of Jesse Robredo from fellow Bicolanos, many of them common folks.
At any age, but perhaps more keenly in our younger years, we search for sources of inspiration. I was in college when he first served as Mayor and started making indelible marks in the economic and political development of Camarines Sur. With his hands-on, pro-people, and practical leadership, Jesse Robredo was a guiding star in a galaxy of confusing, often denigrating politicos.

On learning on wheels

Electronic learning stands in direct contrast to study mission of the observation tour variety. The former allows you to amass knowledge and skills at just a click of the mouse on your computer. The latter brings you physically to the knowledge source so you could observe, investigate, take photos, and interact with the subject matter under your scrutiny. However, both distance learning and observation tours could be very edifying and fruitful experiences.

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