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Away from the Preying Eyes: Treasure amidst El Niño Devastation

 I was literally panting. As  we trekked up to the fringes of the foot of Mt. Kalatungan, we were so subdued. I glanced at my companions and understood why nobody is talking. We were all catching our breaths. Another companion later confided that he was afraid that there might be insurgents in the area as the place is really quite isolated. Me? I was just concentrating on putting one foot forward as we climb higher.  The van that we rode cannot cross one of the creeks that we need to pass through to get to our destination. We have no recourse but to walk.

Facing Danger in the Line of Duty

As dawn breaks, amidst the pounding rain, my Boss (fondly called Doc Lit) and I stepped in the waiting van that will take us to the lair of the 4 rebel commanders who have returned to the folds of law:Kumander Ismael, Kumander Benjie, Kumander Saidumar and Kumander Limbona. We are going there to assess their farms which ATI is funding as a Learning site for organic production of rice and vegetables. As if by coincidence, we never informed our wives of our destination for the place is known as a “no man's land”.

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