I am apprehensive at first.  All I thought Col. Francisco D. Millare is a military man who is difficult to approach like other military officials I have encountered.   I was wrong.  He is very approachable and a low profile person.  He is the 42nd Commanding Officer of the Philippine Army.  I met him when I and my team were tasked to document the success story of the 77th Infantry Battalion in implementing the Integrated Diversified Organic Farming System.

From Devastation to Sustainable Production

Upland barangays of Ormoc City is no stranger to calamities. They experienced loss of livelihood when their abaca plants where eradicated due to “bugtok”. Then came financial losses due to typhoons, foremost of which, was Yolanda. The losses were not only to production but also to soil fertility, which contributed to the low market value of products.

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