Food Security

Work or Service?

Okay we’re busy; we have a lot of schedule to catch up. We want to accomplish the entire target and wanted to see things are organized. Most of the time, we perform because we are bound to do it. And even if we exert all our effort to have better result, sometimes we fail. Our mind wants to fix it but our body give up. We were angered when somebody says negative about our accomplishment that results to conflict, depression, filled with anxiety, and struggling with what we felt.

Why do we always fall in this kind of situation?

Utilizing Indigenous Food Resources: Mission Possible

Being one of the participants and representing the country (Philippines) for a one (1) month training course entitled Utilizing Indigenous Food Resources for Food Security in Thailand is a bit far from my expectation. When this scholarship was given to me last February, all I did is to comply because this is what the management want me to do - not thinking that it could be possible. Well, it seems that nothing is really impossible.

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