For the Agricultural Extension Workers in our midst

The untiring, grassroots-level, practical service of agricultural extension workers (AEWS) to farmers elicits respect and awe. Their raw desire to service, matter-of-fact acceptance of political realities around them, and relentless search for new ways to help the farmers in their charge… these give me many reasons to look inwards and wish that I could do better.
And somehow, queries from AEWs also tell me that ATI’s services matter to them.

Our Job Order Personnel

This is a personal salute to our priceless allies in the office – our job order personnel.
Supposedly with 30 plus organic personnel, our Training Center’s workforce of permanent employees is now only 24. Like most or all of ATI’s Training Centers (and even at the Central Office), hiring of job order personnel is a must.

NAIA Terminal 3 Sleepover

It was New Year's Day and quite unlikely, I was already going on a trip, though for a more personal reason. That's another blog story really, but it was that which brought me to experience first-hand how it was to sleep over at NAIA Terminal 3 -- how to experience being like our regional coordinators, our agricultural extension workers from the Visayas and Mindanao. Yes, the AEW also flies! And can sleep in airports.

Inquiring about the Trademarks of a Place

As part of my extension tasks and  functions, I often travel to various places. In these places I often tend to be observant and inquisitive. I ask people what the place is known for, how the place got  its name, the culture of the people, the delicacies in the area, the agricultural products, the lodging houses and hotels, the transportation and communication facilities, the peace and order and the political situation of the area. In essence, I am asking about  the trademarks of the place.

Awakening the "Lola Techie" in our AEWs

Maybe you are wondering who is "Lola Techie" or maybe not. For those who don't know her, Lola Techie is the savvy grandmother who superpokes her apo in Facebook, post her laments in Twitter and plays an MMORGP (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) where she gets angry because there are too many "abangers" (I don't even know what it means) and plays Mafia Wars instead. Now you get it? Right! She's the funny grandmother in one telco ad for their DSL service.

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