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A Story of Good Food

Among the Things I Learned from Jim

DISCLAIMER: Sorry to disappoint Dad, but this is not about the things you taught me. (yeah! my father’s Jim……Agsawa!) *grin* Not that I am, in anyway, ungrateful for all the lessons I’ve learned from you.  It’s just that this is some kind of a different lesson (experience) for me. *wink!*

Of Shrooms and Weeds…

I have been into a good number of agriculture and fisheries enterprises in the country and with every farm I visited is a new trade idea I wanted to venture in.  Be it vegetables or fruit production… poultry or livestock raising… even mariculture! I have taken all that into consideration.  And now, I’m all on organic farming (thanks to my exposure in various organic farms!).

Bangkong Kahoy Valley: An Unspoiled Haven in Quezon

I love to travel.  I enjoy going to different places every time and I always look forward to discovering new things…but most of all, I particularly love the wonder communing with nature brings.  I relish experiencing nature in its crude form – simple, serene, natural, and unadulterated.  It gives me a unique sense of peace.


Blues of a Newbie-Working-Mom...

Going back.  Three months have come and gone, seems like a long time but when spent with our daughter, it felt like a speck of a minute.  Days pass by quickly as I dreaded the last day of my maternity leave.  Although the idea of being a fulltime mom and taking a year (or more) off of work was very tempting, I opted otherwise since providing her needs was top priority.  Honestly, I was really anxious going back to the big Metro and work, not for myself but more for our daughter.

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