The e-Learning Program: One Glance Backward, One Leap Forward

We look back to the year that was....

An e-empowered extension workers and farmers via its Agriculture and Fishery courses offered online.

Increased confidence in what we do with the implementation of the TextSupport and Farmers’ Contact Center (FCC)

Enhanced online visibility

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Earned affirmative reviews and positive feedbacks.

More linkage by strengthening our partnership with bureaus, agencies, private institutions as well as state universities and colleges

We achieved so much and you are a part of this....Make it yours!!!

One glance backward and one leap forward,

We look back to a productive past with sheer pride and a sense of fulfilment.

The change we have always wanted to see is indeed happening.

Now, we face a challenging future that awaits us and is ours for the taking ---
A future teeming with possibilities and opportunities.

The opportunity to empower, enlighten and ennoble minds of our everyday heroes.


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Looking Forward

Looking forward to the opportunities 2010 will bring. It may mean more work, but I know it will be fulfilling.