A Reminder KISS from Jim

So Jim Paredes told me that I should simplify writing my sentences. I got his “tall orders” loud and clear that a blog should have small interesting chunks of sentences capable of sustaining reader’s attention span. Yes, Jim Paredes of the Apo Hiking Society fame. He’s with us for our five-day Blogging and Photography Workshop in Coron, Palawan as our resource person. Most people might have only known Mr. Paredes as a singer-composer but he’s every inch a blogger and a published author too.

Unfortunately, I have this nasty habit of constructing long sentences with which I constantly grapple with. Ernest Hemingway was right to point out that too---to keep it simple.

I have this mental picture now that my editors might have winced or cringed all along having to go through the troubles of slashing and keeping my work readable.

As one of the institute’s bloggers, here are some of the blogging tips I got from our highly esteemed penman:

  • Make your blog interesting by having a good content
  • Mix topics with some personal stuff
  • Write in small interesting chunks (perhaps, convoluted sentences would lead to mental indigestion, italics mine).
  • Hashtag your writing
  • Include lots of pictures
  • Link your blogs to the top bloggers of your own choice
  • Be creative in coming up with blog titles
  • Lists and bullet forms are the way to go (with which I am doing it now)
  • Throw in humor and wit
  • Include quotes from famous personalities
  • Be “controversial”---write thought-provoking titles worthy of a second look

Perhaps, I should get my act together in writing my sentences right and light…and a KISS to remind me from Jim Paredes might do the trick: “Keep It Simple, Stupid!”