APS: “Never stop doing good things and to be of service to others”

The gospel and the golden rule has always been right all along---and so was Director Asterio P. Saliot’s reminder last Thursday’s lecture series to continuously do what is good and necessary for a commendable public service.

In his timely message, he talked his way to the rest of the institute’s workforce regarding his recent travels local and abroad anchored in bolstering peace as well as productivity in agriculture. Noteworthy was his travel to Region-X where he, along with other officials, forged ties with the rebel returnees who deliberately decided to make a titanic turnaround from brandishing firearms to a full throttle in farming. Among the five MILF leaders who sided with the administration this time around was Commander Batman (now that’s a badass moniker!) who was assured via ATI’s “From Arms to Farms”, an intervention program designed to encourage underground groups in the country to work hand in hand with the government.

What made me think over was that going through the peace process must have been difficult and rife with uncertainty because going alone to a conflict area or war-torn community is like heading at will to a viper's pit with the intention to tame it. Aside from the necessary coordination with the LGU’s and extension workers, I would like to surmise that it was done with a leap of faith and lots of self-steeling.

Meanwhile, the director’s much accounted official travel to Singapore to represent the Department regarding “Training on Innovation & Enterprise Development Program” have brought insight to ATI colleagues on the need to innovate through rendered services to gain respect and high regard from various accolades and civil servants.

His talking points in a nutshell include:

  • “Take the extra mile and be willing to take criticisms.’'
  • “Dream and target big...find ways and the means to achieve it.’’
  • “Always think on how we can serve others efficiently.”
  • “Never lose hope to extend the much needed support to our clients.”
  • “Once you know how to do things, never stop from doing that or from achieving it.”
  • “Innovation is a cyclic process, it denotes change.”

The very message that brought much impact to me was when he said that EVERYONE, no matter how small or big the contribution is, from driver to the institute’s prime mover, is significant.

That to me was a very positive and inclusive message which I couldn’t agree more.