It started with reading comic books, thus the blog's name. Here you can read some of my musings as I travel the road (or fly high) with colleagues and thoughts about the institution's scope and coverage.

I don't have a green thumb but part of the things I do (supernatural or otherwise) is promote and popularize the nameless folks and unsung heroes who have been feeding me and have been ever since greening the land.

I will try to update this entry once in every leap year.

Nowadays, I prefer trade paperbacks.

Thought Balloon

On the Road for the Rapid FITS Monitoring

My latest travel on the road with Ben along with Sir Olan and Ms. Gigi to Quezon Province and Marinduque allowed me to experience firsthand what it means to be an extension worker.

APS: “Never stop doing good things and to be of service to others”

The gospel and the golden rule has always been right all along---and so was Director Asterio P. Saliot’s reminder last Thursday’s lecture series to continuously do what is good and necessary for a commendable public service.

A Reminder KISS from Jim

So Jim Paredes told me that I should simplify writing my sentences. I got his “tall orders” loud and clear that a blog should have small interesting chunks of sentences capable of sustaining reader’s attention span. Yes, Jim Paredes of the Apo Hiking Society fame. He’s with us for our five-day Blogging and Photography Workshop in Coron, Palawan as our resource person. Most people might have only known Mr. Paredes as a singer-composer but he’s every inch a blogger and a published author too.

A Trip to Bountiful Valley

“Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life” --- Wayne Dyer

In Pursuit of Passion

Nestled at the foot of Mount Banahaw is a place where one can unwind and leave the worries of the world behind. Upon arrival, it beckons weary souls in the workplace for rest and respite.

Full Circle

Obviously, this would be my first blog having been officially signed last February 10.

The e-Learning Program: One Glance Backward, One Leap Forward

We look back to the year that was....

An e-empowered extension workers and farmers via its Agriculture and Fishery courses offered online.

Increased confidence in what we do with the implementation of the TextSupport and Farmers’ Contact Center (FCC)

Enhanced online visibility


Just when you thought you already know the e-Learning core group who have been responsible behind the distance learning phenomena in terms of its operations and promotions....well, think again.

Here, I have attempted to “demystify” every core member from the first impression they emit to their very persona.

Yes, trivial but true.

Distance Learning with a Difference

     Considered as the training arm of the Department of Agriculture (DA), it is but a public knowledge that the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) is tasked to harmonize all training activities which are agricultural by nature (yes, aquaculture included). Its 16 Regional Training Centers (and one center for swine sensibility through ITCPH) sprawled across the country indicates its conscious effort to deliver extension services to its farmer-clients and extension workers.

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