Beyond Going Organic

Doing official errand, I had a chance to talk to Miller Bicaldo, member of the National Organic Agriculture Board and farmer cooperative manager par excellence. Easy to approach and very down-to-earth, his invariably keen observations reminded me that the Organic Agriculture Act envisions a 5% increase of Philippine agricultural farms practicing organic farming by 2016.
We were informed before of course of this fact, but in the effort to do many and myriad tasks, I almost forgot this important detail. Looking at the trees, one does tend to lose sight of the forest.
I hoped I was the only one who almost forgot.
The enthusiasm and heart for organic agriculture is so palpable talking with the likes of Miller Bicaldo and Rey Pedroso, NOAB members whom I had the chance to listen to. Beyond the nitty-gritty of organic agriculture, they have a very real concern for the welfare of fellow farmers and the nation.
They are partners in development. Serving as watchdogs, they voice their concerns and comments in behalf of the farmers they represent. In doing so, they may incite displeasure from some quarters.
It is a trusim unfortunately that "you can't please everyone..." and "no one is perfect." For all the idealism and hard work they do, the likes of Mr. Bicaldo and Mr. Pedroso do not impress everyone. Even ATI, with all its good intentions, bears the brunt of some people's ire.
It is proof of their value that they stay on track. The moral of the story? "To thine own self be true." (Thanks, Master Shakespeare.)