Thoughts of a Farmer

"When I am hungry, you call a meeting. Yet I am hungry.
You organized a team to solve my problem, still I am hungry.
The team visited my farm. Still I am hungry."
This was shared by ATI RTC VI Center Director Allan Alimodian (which he got from a Sri Lankan friend) when he delivered his message during the closing program of the Regional Consultation Workshop on Knowledgebase for Agriculture and Fisheries held last September 19, 2009 in Iloilo City.
A challenge to all in the agricultural extension sector. Every agency with extension mandate has devised various initiatives aiming to address the needs of our clients. The question is how are we going to join all our acts together since no one can do it alone.


El Nino that devastate the agricultural sectors

Farmers in general are the one feeding the entire country.  If these number of populace would be starving due to El Nino, how much this calamity would affect to those who are not in the farm. Since this is catastrophic in nature, we need to exchange ideas which would ease up this nature if we cannot solve shortage of food.