Jim Paredes rocks with ATI Bloggers

I was excited then, who wouldn't be?

We were going to one of the amazing places in the Philippines -- Coron, Palawan -- and I would be tagging along my kids with me eventhough it would cost me that much, but I was so sure that it would be worth it. More so, we were able to get as resource speaker, one of my favorite artists -- Mr. Jim Paredes of the Apo Hiking Society!!!

Well, it's other than the topic that I got interested in -- it's all about blogging and photography.

When that day arrived, I got busy preparing for my kids' needs and for coordinating Sir Jim's accommodation at our venue.

We were planning to surprise our participants then, but who can keep a secret with the kind of group that we have? If it is a secret, then expectedly everybody knows.

The only sad thing that happened to me during that week was that somebody stole my three-month old iPad upon our arrival at the hotel. We couldn't determine what happened then, though we tried to check the room, the CCTV, the van that picked us up from the airport to the hotel. But nada.... until now "Find my iPhone/iPad" says it is offline.

Whatever happened to my iPad, it couldn't change what happened next during that week. My kids had fun, and we learned so much from the tips shared by Sir Jim on blogging and some tricks on photography. What inspired us more, Sir Jim is fun to be with, easy to talk with, and when he joined us in our island hopping activity, the more we got to know him as a person.

Our moments with Jim Paredes We couldn't forget what he said -- “You people are smart, you write well. Hope the rest of the country can meet people like you in the government..." Isn't that 'nakakalaki ng  ?

Eventhough I freely gave away my iPad to somebody in Coron, it gave me much more memories that I expected.... which can never be taken away from us....