We are the e-Team!

Trials in all walks of life are essential to test how we would react, but most especially on how these trials would mold us on how to be a better individual.
We may not be perfect, but as they say our imperfections make us really perfect. And for an effective teamwork to happen, the members must complement what their fellow members can do for the group, for a specific goal, more so for the successful implementation of a program / project.

Because we are directly implementing the e-Extension Program for Agriculture and Fisheries, we have been known as the e-Extension Team. Now the e-team. Since we launched it more than five years ago, we have been recognized for this initiative in the world wide web. We gained the support and now collaborating with the international community for a cause.

These past few months, we hurdled some challenges, but the group was able to overcome them by not passing the buck, by being responsible for each other's mistakes, and especially by remaining to be supportive to the group.

For whatever happened, I am proud for what transpired because each one understood the situation and accepted the other's apology with what we have learned to be a responsible 'class'.

With this, I am proud to be a part of this team, who doesn't want to be just part of the team, but who would strive to make things better.

The team is actually hungry for more, and yes, we are ready to make it to another level, whether our colleagues would support us or put us down again. We are up for the challenge because we are the e-Team. :)