OA Blogger Din Ako!

OA Blogger Din Ako!

As I have been oriented on how organic farming is being practised, I am for it.

Visiting some organic farms recently convinced me that we can go back to the way things were. 
I was amazed with the food that we tasted, with the drinks they gave us. With simple preparations and without artificial seasonings, they tasted so good. That's why slowly I am doing it at home.

For years, since there are a lot of instant foods, fastfood chains available, we have been all used to it. All our children have been used to it too.
So as we go back to the basics, as we introduce the old healthy ways that we should have been doing, we really need to inform them slowly but surely.
The Philippine Government passed the Republic Act no. 10068, otherwise known as the Organic Agriculture Act of 2010 to support the organic agriculture industry in the country. 

And my simple contribution to this is to blog. I haven't written so much yet, but I plan to put some more information through this site. 

So simply, I am proud to say, "OA Blogger din ako!"