Magic 13: Future Farmer-Millionaires

The Magic 13 with Alomah's Benjohn and Grace Mahistrado

 I was with a group of stakeholders in agriculture. We have a half day free day and decided to do something about it. Majority went to an adventure park, our group went to a farm that is an ATI-accredited Learning Site while another group opted to just sleep and laze the afternoon away. When we all came back, we eagerly shared what we experienced.

I then remembered former Governor Leo Ocampos  of Misamis Occidental telling us that if we want to get rich, we should develop money consciousness. He said that within a day, one must think and do something to improve his financial situation.  Also he said, “talk with people who  are successful for you can learn a lot from them. He said that just by looking at the  things that you usually do, he can tell if you can better your lot in this world or not.

Gov Leo’s food for thought came to mind when  I saw our group picture taken at that particular afternoon. Between a choice of spending our hard-earned money on thrills that will only make us dizzy versus  eating an organically grown veggie salad )with its yummy salad dressing) at the same time discussing farming and business, we have sealed our fate.  We, the magic thirteen (13) who  went and visited Alomah’s Place in Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon are the future famer-millionaires.  Wanna bet?