Info Shakers and Movers Grand Eye Ball: a perfect mix

Our never-say-die Blue Team

 In my 20+ years with ATI (I don’t want to give the exact plus as you would do the math and peg my age), this is the very first time that an event of this magnitude has ever happened. I am referring to the grand eye ball of all ATI staff of the Information Services (IS) in the whole network. Kodus to the brains behind this very laudable activity, Ms. Niet Arceo and her staff especially Ekay who did all the legwork. Thank you also to ATI-RTC 3 for hosting the event.
It’s not easy to bring together around 100 dynamic staff from all over the country. The first hurdle is of course the approval of management as this will entail logistics. Luckily, Director Saliot found the merit of this activity as he knew that the scope of the IS work encompasses all divisions, sections, and units in the network. “Getting the message across” is the main task for all info staff. Second hurdle is of course setting aside work for a week to join the activity. This is really a feat because we in the information services are not bounded by the 8:00 to 5:00 working hours as most regular employees are. We need to be connected 24/7 as queries for services and even enrolment keys are not bounded by time.  It is fortunate that internet and telephone signal is okey at Baler, Aurora where the event took place.
The info group is now a mix of the young and the “tenured” (a politically acceptable term by the “not young” in the group). The younger generation (OMG in their early 20’s) which dominated the group are newly hired. Because they are new to the group, the Info services division wanted to meet them all and set a common mindset in order to build a stronger team. A stronger Info Services team would always translate to a better known ATI and a more informed clientele.
The activity is two-fold: The first is the orientation of the functions and role of the Information services in the ATI. This is to align all paradigm and work towards a common goal.  The second focused on teambuilding. Activities were incorporated where we compete with each other and in the process get to know one another. We were able to see the strengths as well as weaknesses of one another especially our groupmates and work to make our team stronger. We may have lost (blue team with pride) in a lot of the activities (as evidenced by the colorful paints in our faces (one color means 1 loss, many colors, many loses) but I for one gained a lot of insights and new friends. Infact, I would like to boast that compared to other sections at ATI, it is only in the info group where we knew almost all of the info staff across the network.  This would make information sharing easier. Innovative practices by one center can now be easily shared and replicated by other centers. As we at the group know, knowledge and information is now borderless and available 24/7.

It is safe to say that the group are all writers who tell stories. I am sure that this blog will be just one of the many that will be written on the subject.  But I also know that words are not enough to describe the gladness and joy in our hearts as we participated in the event. Stories need to be told. I am sure the Info group is up to the task with more zest than ever.