A Doctor’s Legacy

Dr. Jo of Rapha Valley

 I always associate Dr. Albert Jo of Rapha Valley, Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental with Safeguard soap. He is like the famous brand for a number of reasons. First, he wants to cleanse our body from toxins; second, he advocates for clean and healthy living; third, he serves as my conscience. Everytime I have the urge to drink softdrink or eat burger, his face and his voice seem to mock me and I have to stop the urge to eat and turn towards the more healthy alternatives.

In my “feeling deprived” moments, I often ask myself if my meeting with Dr. Jo is a curse or a blessing. It is because when you listen to him talk, you are so convinced that you ended up with crossing everything from your usual grocery list. This is especially true for those who live in the city. It seems that all that we eat end up as garbage inside our body. Thus, after hearing Dr. Jo’s talk last year, I became quite conscious with my food intake. However, after a week, it is again back to my own toxic faves. One good thing I retained is that I have nearly eliminated my softdrink intake. I only drink during special occasions. Also, I’m trying to moderate my meat intake. If I were to rate myself, I could proudly say that I have started my “cleansing” process.
However, our paths (Dr. Jo and I) crossed again recently when I, together with a group of bloggers, visited Rapha Valley, This activity was arranged by the Agricultural Training Institue as part of its organic agriculture advocacy. Dr. Jo’s haven of wellness. At Rapha valley, you won’t just be treated to a lecture on health and wellness, but you get to sample the culinary innovations of Dr. Jo and his wife. All the plants he grow in the farm are certified organic and the food cooked are all organic also.Upon arrival, we were treated to a snack of black rice puto, cashew herb cheese and meatless and bloodless “dinuguan” pate’.  This is paired with carrot-jackfruit juice. While taking the snack, Dr. Jo practically dissects the nutritional contents of the food and citing its healing properties in our body. Afterwhich, he toured us around his farm as he pointed to us various edible plants that he is growing complete with its nutritional contents. Dr. Jo is a walking medical book. Even if you have previously heard him talk, there is always something new to learn from him. He is well informed in medical researches especially concerning food and wellness.

               Lunch is composed of fresh herb and flower salad. Its sauce is made from guyabano. Then this was followed by pasta which you can top with either tomato herb sauce or mushroom parsley sauce. Dessert is carrot-squash cake topped with fermented bignay. Another dessert which taste really okey is  turmeric brulee’. This is paired with gumamela juice.

My visit to Rapha Valley made me realize that there are a lot of healthy food around. It is cheap and really good for the body. It doesn’t contain the toxins that is the culprit of the many diseases that we have at present. Just remember that the salads and juices must be eaten or drunk fresh to preserve the nutrients. Even garlic need to be eaten fresh. Need I say more?