just for fan…so they say!

just for fan…so they say!

e-Extension’s advocacy means a lot of IEC (Information, Education and Communication) materials to prepare and deliver.

From pins to bags, pens to ID sling then to cardboard hand-fans and the like. These and all were given with one ultimate purpose “to inform clients about the program” and at least let them grasp a little about the benefits from it.

As an e-Extension Coordinator known to be “hard-line with the program,” sometimes our hands are full bringing this stuff to support the things we shared through word-of-mouth.

True to our function, as much as possible, we don’t waste opportunities – especially during moment that we are involved -- perhaps as a project officer to resource speaker or facilitator or maybe just a mere member of the training management team – we will always promote e-extension program without a-hint (I know, majority of the e-Extension Coordinators from the regions agree with these with two-thumbs up)

Even if we are used with the advocacy, still we find it hard to deliver to audiences with no enough background about the program using modern technology. But through these IECs however, it somehow lightened our load. And what amazed me a lot then is that when clients give time to scrutinize the advocacy materials given to them – because for me, they value the things we do (at least).

It might be just a simple cardboard hand-fans with that big e yellow letter printed plus the contact details of the Farmers Contact Center at the other side being distributed, yet the clients value it the most because for them, this little token signifies our great effort as tantamount with their desire to learn new things and somehow ignite them to embrace change.