how the word “busy” speaks for itself

This four-letter word was the battle cry among eLOCs last 2010. Every time I logged on to my Yahoo Messenger – this red button with white dash greet me sometimes with a different smiley icon beside it. Others opted to place inspiring quotes while some put awful feelings (or perhaps, the on-goings with their respective workstation) …

Figuratively, eLOCs are just so diligent even to this detail (not to mention our respective milestones in the center) hahaha! But, these attitudes are just usual amongst us – because we find this as a mere gesture of status update – just that!

I understand why all these things happened. Reasons like pressures, deadlines and matters-of-the-heart were the best three in the trending. We might have different reasons behind this, but we have one in common – we all wanted to deliver all our plans on time and in order.

2010 wind-up with so much to offer – from accolade to travel and etcetera – and its 2011 – for sure the word “busy” would still be an emblem – that I do not know how “intense or frail” would that be – we’ll see!