the joys of 2014

My second blog for the year… and I am so much thankful for 2014, it’s been one of the greatest. I had so many experiences to linger, from home to work and to life in general.

My first blog talks about my experiences that provided me and my family another life to celebrate despite the all not-so-good turnout of events. Thus, clinging the past recounting all the mess will just lead us into woe.

Then why not reckon the joys in order for us to evoke the sweetness of our success. Geez! Why not? In the first semester of 2014, the suffix Ph.D. was officially conferred to me by the Visayas State University in Baybay City, Leyte – thanks ATI for the privileges’ granted to me as part of the Expanded Human Resource Development Program.

Second, the much anticipated running of the Online Course on Urban Gardening was materialized last August [making it three (3) years or so in the row] with 153 enrollees in barely two (2) months and the first course to have incorporated a forum in the self assessment question and sharing of experiences derived from the course.

Third, the publishing of my article titled “singing the community song” by the Adult Education and Development Journal No. 81 (2014) by the IIZ-DVV International, Bonn, Germany which pass through the Communities Theme (this is my 3rd in this journal).

Also to the many learning and insights along the way in the implementation of our targets plus the collaborative efforts among colleague and partners in the field that made all the joys of 2014 a reason to behold.

To everybody who gave their best in realizing all these successes and to those who in one way or the other gave me lessons to ponder and drive more to become a better person… thank you very much! May 2014 etch a positive blueprint in our existence. Padayon for 2015