up close and personal

I am just being reminded to have this blog title with the book that I’ve read written by Fern Michaels, where she explored the dynamics of one extraordinary family, the complex bond between mother and daughter, and the transforming power of the loves we find, the loves we lose, and the ones we carry with us always--no matter where life takes us.

Of course, I will not be talking about the book here, instead; I am just borrowing the title for her credits because I am amazed with it – just that!

My latest official travel cum adventure as I may say (since, while we are working, we are learning plus both our eyes and tummy are full with the luscious fresh organic produce we ate and the scenery that we’ve traversed) to the Organic Farms in Negros Occidental provided me a great journey of a lifetime.

It’s in this travel where I learned a lot of things from staying fit and healthy, food as our medicine and earned a living by simply going to the basics – that’s through organic agriculture.

With all the blogs written from my colleague to private bloggers, everybody said their share positively about organic agriculture.

That experience provided me the chance to be up close and personal with the organic produce grown in the farm. At a distant, my eyes feasts with so much happiness seeing all those growing that I cannot ever imagine, that what I have seen and known are edible and yet so yummy.

Engrossed with nature’s beauty and bounty, I grabbed my point-and-shoot camera and took pictures with what my naked eye can see – being up close and personal with it made me appreciated more to life.

I realized that if we are just so keen and find time exploring the dynamics of one extraordinary creation – surely, we will gain a lot of life’s lessons, how simple and complex it might be – no matter where life takes us, as long as we always look back, discerning – then, there’s no reason to celebrate life.



Great Shots! ganda po ng Camera na ginamit.