6th SENSE with a sense indeed in Ilocandia

KM Work in Fort Ilocandia (photo by Awie Sarabia)

Every time the Knowledge Management Division of ATI held an assessment cum planning – a unique maxim emerged. This time we had the 6th S.E.N.S.E (Season’s End, New Scenes Emerge).

When Mam Niet asked us about the previous catchphrase – everybody shouted their heart out enumerating the words like Reloaded, Four Play, and High Five with of course at the end of the deafening yell – everybody asked for the most-sought prize (the travel according to batch and according to beauty and best – as Sir Rey had put it – or whatever the exact sequence maybe).

See! With that cue, these guys had a lot of enthusiasm and it only tells that the group had telegraphic memories that could register almost all activities and promises (hmmmm!)

According to our colleague, our group is different from the others, wherein, we had this feeling of yearning despite the frequent meeting that we had. This is because, e-Extension is unique and so the people with it.

Our 6th SENSE had its sense indeed especially that it is held at Ilocandia. When this was earmarked during the Techno Gabay Formal Turn-Over at AIM Conference Center in Makati City, that instead of the Video Production as scheduled, the group agreed to hold this firsthand, and voila! Mariel was summoned for a bigger responsibility. Though, there were overlapping schedules – the activity pursued with flying colors.

With Mariel’s vibrant personality together with her two (2) supportive boys (Frank and Ralph) we had a great time. Despite the not-so-good-feeling-that-I-had in day two, yet, my stay and our stay in retrospective were excellent.

Holding the assessment cum planning at Ilocos is worthwhile already. Noting that majority of the e-Extension Coordinators were first-timers (a tourist in the making) – thus, we deserved to be housed in Fort Ilocandia Resort Hotel at Calayab Laoag City in Ilocos Norte – the only five-star resort hotel in Northern Philippines and the grand tour treat at Kapurpurawan Rock Formation at Burgos, Windmills at Bangui, Patapat Viaduct in Pagudpud, Sand Dunes at Lapaz, Laoag, then to Vigan and a two-hour dinner with karaoke at Director Maningding’s residence in Pangasinan – were worth to be cherished.

The almost 15-hour bus journey from Ilocos to Manila was not a hindrance to us, instead it build another excitement on board Florida Bus with the ala-Pinoy-Henyo version facilitated by Ms. Tess and Ate Jo with Kuya Al’s guess with a 6th Sense with the rest of the group’s back-up, the butt-stressing ride was transformed into a gut-raising spiel.

Plus…plus and another plus! we were very much thankful for the freebies prepared by Mariel and the Region 1 staff – the famous Ilocano bed sheet (so adorable). And thanks to KPMD as well for providing us the green-OA-Blogger-hood (for sure, everybody who has it will be flooding their blogs here: can’t wait to read them all). Another and… hehehe! Were the sumptuous Ilocano foods that were served during our stay – our tummy loves it.

With all the million-worth accomplishments that we had in 2012, the e-Extension Coordinators graciously delivered almost all their targets. The planning for 2013 and 2014 were in-place and everybody is looking forward for the next level of our respective endeavours.

Whatever maxim the future brings, we are crossing our fingers for another challenge that we will be cruising ahead of us. Padayon ta!