Retro-Post: Thank You for the Music

With mi unica hija Brinks, during the ceremonoies (photo by Boyet Gabion)

The event was held in January 2012 but I missed posting about it. So here it is in December, retro mode of course.

It's ATI's 25th anniversary, quite an auspicious day for giving out awards, a perfect day for receiving one. But what's with the ABBA song? Later.

It was a usual week-long celebration, but this time ATI honored 25 of its institutional/individual partners. I felt esteemed to be one of them.

The citation reads:

As our PARTNER AND ALLY to building capabilities as well as
capacities among the agricultural extension stakeholders.
Together, we inform...
we educate...
we share knowledge...
we empower...
we build dreams and CHANGE LIVES!

I thank the Lord for giving me the strength and directions.

I remember, my first direct and long term engagement with ATI was in 2001-2003. I was National Consultant on Extension Information Technology and part of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) team on the Project Strengthening the Devolved Agricultural Extension Services in Support of the Philippine Agriculture and Fishery Modernization Act. I have seen and worked then with ATI centers in Bicol, Cebu and Davao. In 2005 I was reunited with ATI for the FAO-assisted drafting of the Report on the Implementation of an e-Extension Network for the DA which actually proposed a Farmer’s Call Center. It took me to ATI-CAR, again in Cebu and Davao.

2012 marked my fifth year with ATI's Knowledge Product Management Division (KPMD). I had the time to interact with all the centers. And in those 5 most fruitful years, I have seen 6 major launchings spearheaded by KPMD:

  • e-learning in 2007
  • ATIiNteractive in 2008
  • text support 39132 in 2009
  • Aurora e-Village in 2009
  • Farmers' Contact Center in 2009
  • NMRice Mobile in 2011

Thank you ATI for the opportunity. Thank you KPMD for the cooperation. Thank you all our e-extension coordinators. You've put fun into work. And to the two most zealous and resolute ladies of ATI, Niet Arceo and Pam Mappala, thank you for meeting the challenges with me, for simply 'thinking out of the box'. It's a rare privilege to be working side-by-side with former students.

Now, for the ABBA song... it's at ATI that I was given the chance well, coerced at first, to hone my singing, a.k.a. videoke, skills. In the beginning, it was difficult to embarrasing. Next was simply the camaraderie.
And so, thank you too ATI... for the music.

(Just in case you want to sing along, here's ABBA's Thank You for The Music.)


Dennis Boyd Baltazar's picture

Your the man Sir Rey!

 What we have achieved as coordinators are largely because of your guidance. The funny thing is that you have a way to make us enjoy our workload by coining words such as "added functionality". Personally I would like to thank you for making me believe in my capabilities. One thing is for sure Sir Rey, e-Extension would never have come to existence without Ms. Niet's insistence and your persistence.

JoseRey Alo's picture

keeps the candle burning

Salamat kaayo Boyd, that's humbling. It's your (yours and the rest of our coordinators') attitude that's been inspiring me. Confucius, again hehe, says: If I am walking with two other men, each of them will serve as my teacher. I will pick out the good points of the one and imitate them, and the bad points of the other and correct them in myself.  We have learned from each other really, and it kept me from burning out.

primalou's picture

Some kind of wonderful

We have learned so much from you, and they are too many to tick off. But my personal favorites are creating content and uploading materials, tagging and search engine optimization, resizing and optimizing photos, using the notepad "like a pro", non-linear presentation materials... And then there are so many more that I don't use too often, which includes singing! It's quite a miracle I think, coaching a heterogenous group of regional coordinators like us into doing ICT stuff. The task of coordinating e-Extension in the region is daunting, but you have given us all the tools and support we need. Thanks Sir Rey, and of course Ma'am Niet and Ma'am Pam. Your easy and competent leadership is one of the nicest things about working in ATI.

"In every man, there is a light."

JoseRey Alo's picture

Daeng anuman

Daeng anuman Prime. It's because of your (yours and all the others') support and cooperation. It's because you don't see it as more work but an added functionality, heheh. I love what Confucius said. It's something like If you enjoy what you do, you'll never work another day in your life.