Blog Support: Profile Pictures in Google SERP

Rich snippet in Google search result listing

This is no longer applicable. As of July 2014, authorship markup is no longer supported in web search.This post is being left for archive and reference purposes; and to indicate that once in a while we have supported this Google experiment.

If you have been doing some Googling for quite some time now, you may have noticed that in some Search Results Pages (SERP), there are search listings with appended photos of authors. I think Google started putting in author information in search results, this rich snippet, sometime in early 2011. It's a way of making your search result listing stand out, and of course a way for bloggers to use google+.
So the prerequisite is you have to create and activate your Google+ profile. If you are blogging in this site, follow these steps:

  1. edit your profile and click the 'personal information' tab
  2. include a link somewhere to include your google profile with the rel="author" tag, like the following

    <a rel="author" href="YOUR-GOOGLE-PROFILE-HERE">Google Profile</a>

  3. then save (The example above would just show the text "Google Profile". Alternatively, you could anchor the link in your name or an icon.)

Then login to your google profile.

  1. scroll down, almost the bottom of the page, click 'other profiles'
  2. then click 'add custom link', and enter your blog name; at the url enter your blog address, it's at
  3. then save
  4. next, go and click 'contributor to'
  5. then click 'add custom link', at the label enter agri-extension blogs; at the url, enter
  6. then save
  7. then click, at the top, 'done editing'

Now preview the result.

  1. Copy the url of any of your blog posts. Then Go to this link:
  2. Paste your copied url inside that box, and click preview. If all is well, you should see the picture you used in your google profile appended in the result of the Structured Data Testing Tool.

Time varies before you see your profile picture in the Google SERP. It took mine about a couple of weeks. For quicker results, use a good recognizable headshot as Google recommends. 
Hat tip to Christopher Millward