Blog Support: How to Create a Photo Album, Part 2

This is part two of how to create your photo album here using Vacilando's brilliant gallery. I showed you in part one  how to create a photo album allowing for the default settings. That is much quicker of course. But if you want to get your hands dirty, dig in. I have simplified, with examples, how you can go about customizing your photo albums in this blogsite. This should work though in similar installations of Drupal. I shall use the same gallery I had from part one so you can compare. The album has 8 photos and is served via Picasa web.

The full brilliant gallery tag for Drupal is

columncountoverride = the number of columns to show
widthoverride = the maximum width of the thumbnails, in pixels
sortorrandomoverride = wether you want the pictures in order, 1; or appearing randomly at each page refresh, 0
maximumnumbertoshow = the maximum number of photos only to appear
colouroverride = the color of the borders, expressed in hexadecimal notation (HEX) or the friendlier CSS color names
beginfromoverride = the ordinal number of the photo that you want to appear as the first thumbnail
caption-yes-no-text = for single pictures, the line of caption


Here are examples and how the tag used looks like. You can copy the tags off this page and make your own changes.

Sorted in order of appearance. The photo album below has this tag
It means there are 2 columns, the thumbnails are 50 pixels wide, thumbnails are sorted in order and showing only 4 pictures. Notice that if there is nothing to override, that part of the syntax is not included.

Random sorting. This next album uses the same tags as above except that sorting is made at random.  Note that when sorting is set to random, all photos in the Picasa album would have a "chance" of appearing in the gallery. So if the Picasa album has 8 pictures, all 8 pictures will have a chance of being in that thumbnail even if there are only 4 thumbnails set.

Sorted and beginning with picture number 5. You can use a similar tag like this when you want to start with a specific photo in the gallery at the same time skipping the previous ones. This photo album uses this tag

5-column best fit. This appears to be the better fit other than the 6-column default in this site. In this next album, there are 5 columns with thumbnails at 130pixels wide, sorted in order, showing only 5 pictures, using midnightblue for border color, and the album starts with picture number 2, skipping the first. It is suggested though that for purposes of consistency in styling, set the colouroverride to transparent. Here is the tag used

Single captioned photo. Here is how you can use a single photograph from your Picasa album, for example, when you need only picture number 2. See how the caption syntax works in this tag
[bg|picasa-album-rss-link|1|185|1|1|darkslategray|2|This is one image and here is the caption.]


Reference: Vacilando's Brilliant Gallery