Fly! Why not?

How busy we can become and how empty. How easy to fall prey to meaningless and mindless activities that were not meant to be.

It's mid 2015 and our hands are still full. If we are not careful, the monotony of things will seep in, sweeping away our creativity. Let us not loosen our guard. It is when we lose the mark of surprise, when we become predictable that we start to rut. We have to create surprises. Why not?

You want to create memories this year? Innovate. Plunge into fun-filled learning. In Disneyland, we tried the hair-raising and nerve-wrecking roller-coaster rides. Why not? We can't always be there. Tempt yourself to put something in that "crazy ideas" box (we have it at ATI-RTC 8). Why not? Great ideas were once "crazy". Don't get unstuck with the ordinary.

Permit yourself to be in the lead. Take that calculated risk. Try something really cute. Break free. Why not? If you always play it safe, hop into the harness to zip line (ask Ms Niet). I still have to try bungee jump.

At ATI-RTC 8, we are always challenged to innovate in providing information and technology services and in showcasing what we have to offer. We don't want to bore our clients neither ourselves. We have to soar high.