BLOG to blogs

It's a sure-fire tip for blogging. Take it from Jim Paredes. You can't go wrong with him when blogging ( or

B - be sure you write and consistently write. You must have the passion to write. It's the passion that makes you write well.

L - link your blog with top blogs of your topic. Borrow credibility and do not forget to credit information source. This is also a way of expanding your reach.

O - on the light side of writing. Write in small chunks. It is easy to swallow. Many will read you for this.

G - get a following by being interesting. Announce by good content mixed with personal stuff. Let your readers get something from it

This is my first tips to blogging. I hope I had some of these embedded in my blogs. 'Twas good that I only had few. It won't take much editing if I had to.

Our sessions with Jim Paredes were packed with witty, good sense lessons in writing blogs. You can't miss his writing on air (his blog) just like you can't miss his music. He honed our blogging skills with his experiences and seasoned it with his music. It was the best tandem to learning.

He said that list is powerful thing in blogs. I'm making a list. It's BLOG to want-to-be-good bloggers.