Bilog ang puso ko at may "e"

This was said a year ago. I asked many of my Tagalog friends of its equivalent in English (if there is). They gave different equivalents or interpretations, so I interpreted it as I heard it.

We can’t help but have big hearts.  Hearts that accept assignments after assignments even those beyond our expertise.  We have to accommodate, squeeze them in our schedules not minding that our work calendars no longer look the normal.  But our hearts are big.  We do every assignment with gusto although sometimes with bits of complaints.  Maybe they are not complaints but just litany of work assignments.  But after saying the litany, oft we do the tasks.

At ATI we are multi-taskers.  No one is exempted, not even the one at the bottom.  Every new program comes new assignment, placed either on top, side by side or below the existing.  Wherever it is positioned, still the same it will and should be done ASAP.

What to do or where to go first becomes our dilemma.  We are always at the crossroad.  It’s not an issue of loyalty. However, we are extra careful with our choices so as to hurt no one, so that we will not be told of having a world of our own.  But in our choices, we oftentimes sacrificed what’s near and dear to our hearts. We also missed many of the fun. 

No.  We don’t have our own world.  We just have big hearts.  Hearts that make sacrifice a pleasure.  Hearts that make feet and hands swift to the task.  Hearts that beat with an "e."

The e.  It is the wind at our backs, the dynamo that sweeps over us.  It is unstoppable.  It is what gels us together, making us inseparable.

Remember the e-learning buttons we proudly placed near our hearts? Thanks Jun M.  You’ve said it well.  Bilog ang puso ko at may "e.”


Nice words

Congrats for your text. These words touch my hearth.