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G's Pot

Finding GFF

Last year, I told myself to find someone who can be my Mr. Jonjon Sarmiento version in region 8. Why Mr. Sarmiento? Why not? He has a big heart for organic farming, generous and an expert in his own right in practical farming. He has a nonchalant approach to teaching as if he is not and speaks from his heart, and practices and experiments in the level that fellow farmers can easily understand and emulate.

Work or Service?

Okay we’re busy; we have a lot of schedule to catch up. We want to accomplish the entire target and wanted to see things are organized. Most of the time, we perform because we are bound to do it. And even if we exert all our effort to have better result, sometimes we fail. Our mind wants to fix it but our body give up. We were angered when somebody says negative about our accomplishment that results to conflict, depression, filled with anxiety, and struggling with what we felt.

Why do we always fall in this kind of situation?

Utilizing Indigenous Food Resources: Mission Possible

Being one of the participants and representing the country (Philippines) for a one (1) month training course entitled Utilizing Indigenous Food Resources for Food Security in Thailand is a bit far from my expectation. When this scholarship was given to me last February, all I did is to comply because this is what the management want me to do - not thinking that it could be possible. Well, it seems that nothing is really impossible.

Tide Turner Award

Am I that crazy enough to receive award?

Value for Money: Shopping for Health

Here’s the challenge, to promote organic products in an innovative yet effective way!

The activity is very simple but it feels different. It’s because this is my first time to handle this kind of activity that is very unique from the typical activity we are doing in ATI. Though the objective is the same, to gather 50 mother-consumers, involve them in a half-day discussion-demonstration about food nutrition and safety at the same time appreciate organic products.

Not Once But Twice!!!

I did my very best!!! I almost have it!!! I gave my passionate shot!!! But I did not get it!!!

Organic Learning site: a morning hang-out

Lately, I noticed that every morning when I enter in our office, some of ATI MIMAROPA staff spends few minutes in organic learning site opposite to the entrance gate before starting office works. With curiosity, I joined them walking around and to my surprise there’s a big transformation in the area! From being idle, it is converted into productive organic learning site. I can’t help but took photo of these plants and appreciate the effort of the people behind the scene.

Squirrel First Before Getting Bull

After the 5-day Updating of Knowledge Management and Briefing of Rice Crop Manager, I was bolstered by the magical words “KM Squirrels and Bulls” used in the workshop.

Squirrels are targets which are quick highly visible KM activity that show measurable impact on the bottom line even without budget while Bulls are goals that are large, costly and require approval. (from the sharing of Ms. Neomi Beth Macario).

Exploring Negros Occidental: the "Organic Capital" of the Philippines

Going to Negros Occidental can’t satisfy tourists’ savour if for the sake of “pasyal” or excursion only. Even if it is named as the city of smile, the province is not a must-visit place in terms of pristine and natural wonders like other provinces. But have you ever noticed why people love to go in this place? It’s because Negros Occidental is the “Organic Capital” of the Philippines. Yes, the province has embraced the organic farming system.

Organic Agriculture Practices in the Cordilleras

Three years after the Republic Act 10068 better known as Philippine Organic Agriculture Act of 2010 was signed into law and the Agricultural Training Institute started to promote, propagate, develop further and implement the practice of organic agriculture nationwide, farmers from the different regions started to adopt the organic agricultural system as a viable alternative and produced purely organic fertilizers such as compost, pesticides and other farm inputs.

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