Life according to Jim

Sir Jim Emphasizing a point

 Trainings for e-Extension Coordinators of ATI are always exciting because they are usually held in different venues. Recently, I have three (3) reasons to be excited: 1) it is held in Coron, Palawan, one of my wish-to-visit-place; 2) it is about blogging and photography, which is one of my most-requested-training since I became an e-Extension Coordinator; and 3) the most exciting is our resource person Mr. Jaime Ramon Paredes, the Jim Paredes of Apo Hiking Society, one of my favorite singing groups of all time.
The training was one of my best with Sir Jim sharing to us his thoughts and experiences as a blogger and photographer. One thing I admire about him was his way of letting you feel like his friend for a long, long time already whenever he talks to you, which sometimes makes you forget that he is a celebrity and an icon. His insights about blogging and photography is very much helpful and useful to me. But the most important lessons I got from him were those imparted to us outside the session hall, which was about life itself.
These are the nuggets I got from him:
1. Be passionate with whatever you set to do. It will be your guide to live life. 
2. Be accident-prone. Like if you are a photographer, you should keep on taking photos until you "accidentally" have photos worthy of exhibit.
3. You must have a peg. Whatever your passion is, you must select someone to emulate and make his/her work your peg to guide you in producing your own.
4. Say 'Yes' all the time. Whenever you are offered a job or assignment always accept even if you don't know about it. Anyway, you can research about it and there are plenty of resources to help you. This way you will expand your horizon and grow more professionally and even personally.
5. Don't go into debate about religion. There is no right or wrong in religion and debates about it will only lead to conflict.
We have only one life to live, therefore living a fulfilling life is something we have to work hard for. As Voltaire said: "God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well."