One morning, I woke up by the sound of ripping papers...

My head, I mean my whole body aches from a trip from somewhere to where I am right now.,
I saw the light, the second time I ever saw it since I was packed after passing through a machine.
Im tattooed! Yeah! Tattoed with a yellow letter-'e' and numbers are written all over me!
"Alas, I'm out at last!"
I was placed on a table beside many other printed papers, some are colored, others printed in black and white.
Among others, I'm the biggest!
A hand took me, gave me to a man, together with a smaller metallic friend, with the same yellow letter-'e' and some printed papers...
The man stared at me and whispered: "Farmers' Contact Center"
It's my name! I'm Farmer's Contact Center!
He flipped me over! He's murmuring numbers I couldn't understand..
Suddenly, the man said: "Oh this is great!"
I'm flattered!
"Farmer's Contact Center for Agriculture and Fisheries?!"
Of course, what else... I'm proud!
He turned around and said: "I like this... can i have some more of this fan?"
What???! I'm just a FAN?
"I'm gonna share this to other farmers like me. I know this could help us if ever we encounter problems in our fields. Thank you for this! This is a big help!"
I wondered: "I'm helping people for just being a fan?"
I was brought to a farm, I saw ricefields, vegetable gardens, pens of hogs, goats and chicken.
And time after time, the man would take me, stare at my numbers with a 'black-little-thing-that-beeps' on the other hand.
And then he would fan himself with a hint of a smile on his face.
I smile back, of course!
Today, I'm not just easing the heat of a humid day, but I'm bringing services to the people... the contact numbers printed on my back, i know they're very important!  The yellow letter-'e' is remarkable indeed! I must be proud because I'm not just a fan.... I'm a BIG FAN!


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Each of us may well be a big fan!

Well put, Awie. With the right means of expressions, the e-Extension service goes to the right places.

"In every man, there is a light."