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Walking the Talk ... Weekend Organic Vegetable Gardening

Waking up to the scents of  different flowers in bloom, the buzz of the bees and butterflies frolicking from one bloom to another, the bounty that our ‘guapple’ tree gives and the cool October breeze makes you wish that the season never ends. 

Building Dreams, Reaching the Unreached, Changing Lives

One of the concerns close to Director Asterio P. Saliot’s heart is increasing the skills and competency all agriculture and fisheries extension personnel and providing equal the opportunity for them to practice their craft. He believes that by providing the right environment for the enhancement of the knowledge, skills and capacities of extension personnel the goal of delivering efficient and quality training and extension services will be realized.

All in a Day's Work

A day in the Senate.

August 19, 2009. My CP alarm woke me up. It was  4 a.m. and I had to be at office early. So,
excited and at same time afraid to be caught in the daily traffic gridlock at the Coastal
Road,  I took off with a prayer for today is a big day for ATI… the Senate Bill 3100 known
as the Extension Bill is scheduled for  2nd Reading and interpellation at Senate of the

The Agricultural Training Institute (ATI), lead by Dir. Asterio P. Saliot (who  enplaned

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