ATI Promotes Rice-based Products thru Free Seminar

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Shaira Labargan of PhilRice shows the participants how to prepare rice balls.

DILIMAN, Quezon City – Filipinos love rice so much, having it for every meal and some more for snacks like the 'kakanin'. Rice-based products like this not only create variation for rice but can also serve as an alternative source of income for rice producers.

The Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) showed its support to this notion by conducting a free seminar on rice-based processing that showcased ways of bringing a different color to rice.

Rosaly Manaois, head of the Rice Chemistry and Food Science Division of the Philippine Rice Research institute (PhilRice), oriented the participants on how to pick the recommended varieties to use for rice-based products. Afterwards, Manaois and her team demonstrated how to prepare "shangrice", "rice balls", and "butchi".

"As consumers, we should be careful in choosing the rice we buy in the market. Quality rice not only translates to tastier food but also to source of extra income. This is also best suited for our farmers as this will enable them to maximize the potential of their produce and therefore increase their income," Manaois said.

The attendees of the seminar also learned that rice can be used for cosmetic products. Sheryl Quintana, founder of Oryspa, shared how she and her family developed rice bran-based spa products.

"Most of us throw the bran after we mill our rice. Through research and experiment, we determined that this very substance can be used as part of the beauty regimen. Currently, Oryspa is one of the internationally acclaimed Filipino brands," Quintana shared.

The free seminar on rice-based processing was conducted in support to the National Rice Awareness Month. The activity was done last November 10 at the ATI Central Office on this city.

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