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Rhea Carandang of ATI-ITCPH leads the hands-on demonstration of meat preservation during the Free Seminar on Swine Production and Meat Processing. (Photo by Clemente Gabion)

DILIMAN, Quezon City - Agriculture enthusiasts from different parts of the metro and nearby provinces were oriented on the recommended technologies and practices on management of swine in the Free Seminar on Swine Production and Meat Processing.

Resource speakers from the Agricultural Training Institute-International Training Center for Pig Husbandry (ATI-ITCPH) provided lectures and hands-on demonstration regarding the topic. Jenny Hornilla, development management officer from ATI-ITCPH, shared the advantages of swine production at present.

"The production of swine right now is a winning venture as we Filipinos have a high demand on protein. Most of the protein in our diet comes from pork or processed meat. Also, there are a lot of opportunities for exportation in swine production," Hornilla said.

She also discussed recommended practices in swine management such as farm management, system of operation, selection of breeder, and meat hygiene. Several factors should also be considered in swine production including market situation, availability of feeds and water, financial capability, veterinary and extension services, and labor.

Meanwhile, the meat processing part featured hands-on demonstration on making tocino and tapa. Training specialist Rhea Carandang, also from ATI-ITCPH, led the step-by-step demonstration of meat processing. While doing this, she asked some participants to try doing it themselves.

Carandang also shared some tips and guides on meat identification, meat quality standards, meat cuts, and its properties. She emphasized the importance of meat selection in processing as well as the advantages of meat preservation.

"Preservation allows us to lengthen the storage life of meat. It gives the producer an avenue where they can get additional income while waiting for the raw meat to be market ready. In relation, they should ensure the quality of meat for preservation to avoid spoilage," Carandang shared.

More than 230 enthusiasts took part in the seminar. The next stop for the series is still for animal raisers with the Poultry Production and Processing coming this September 14.

The Free Seminar on Swine Production and Meat Processing was conducted last August 10 in this city.

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