Rice Technicians, Machinery Operators, Agricultural Engineers now NC II Holders

A participant operating a rice harvesting and threshing machinery as part of the competency assessment for Rice Machinery Operations NC II.

ABORLAN, Palawan—The Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) recently held a training and assessment activity on rice machinery operations and maintenance. This is through the Institute’s Career Development and Management Division, in partnership with the Western Philippines University (WPU).

The seven-day activity was held in pursuant to Republic Act 10601 or the Agricultural and Fisheries Mechanization (AFMech) Law that mandates ATI to train its beneficiaries on agriculture and fisheries mechanization.

The training covered topics on: various equipment operation and maintenance – specifically, four wheel and hand/ turtle tractor for land machinery; water pump and knapsack sprayer for rice crop care machinery; rice harvesting and threshing machinery; and drying and milling machinery. Around 35 rice technicians, machinery operators, and agricultural engineers successfully underwent the oral examination and practicum on these.

The course lectures were delivered by Engr. Josue L. Peneyra of WPU, while the competency assessment was facilitated by Engr. Severino S. Salera, Jr. of Bohol Island State University.

Rice Machinery Operations National Competency (NC) II is a short training course offered by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority. The course focuses on the operation and basic routine maintenance of rice machinery for land preparation, crop establishment, crop care, harvesting and threshing as well as drying and milling.

This week-long activity was held on June 19-25, 2017 at the Western Philippines University, Aborlan Campus.