Privacy Awareness Week Aims to Protect the Digital Filipino

With the vision to boost privacy safeguards and raise the sense of responsibility among entities that handle personal data, the National Privacy Commission (NPC) leads the celebration of this year’s Privacy Awareness Week (PAW), with the theme, “Protecting the Digital Filipino: Accountability, Compliance & Ethics in a Data-driven Philippines".

As highlighted in President Duterte’s Proclamation No. 527, organizations and other personal information controllers and processors are encouraged to strengthen their efforts in reinforcing these responsibilities in informing and educating the public about data privacy, data protection, as well as fair information rights and responsibilities.

In this line, the NPC suggests five fun and easy ways that every organization may do to celebrate PAW. This is to generate interest for data protection; cultivate the habit of privacy mindfulness at the workplace; take pride in the continued efforts in protecting the digital citizens; empower customers, members, clients, and employees; and spread the word about PAW activities using the hashtags #PAW2019, #PAWPH, and #emPAWered.

Moreover, the Agricultural Training Institute, a certified compliant with the Data Privacy Act, continuously upholds the protection of every client’s and members’ right to privacy.

PAW is a national celebration of data privacy rights in the Philippines, aimed at advancing protection of personal information while ensuring the free flow of information. In this line, the NPC jumpstarted the celebration with the conduct of the 2nd National Data Privacy Conference, held on May 23-24.

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