ATI, JAEC Review YFFLTPJ 2018 Program, Craft Plans for 2019

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YFFLTPJ 2018 trainees give feedback and share their experiences to ATI officials in Koibuchi College of Agriculture and Nutrition in Ibaraki, Japan.

JAPAN – The Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) Officer-in-Charge (OIC) Director Luz Taposok together with the 4-H/Rural-Based Organization National Focal Person Elsa Parot recently met with the Japan Agricultural Exchange Council (JAEC) officials for the Annual Meeting for the Young Filipino Farmer Leaders Training Program to Japan (YFFLTPJ) as part of the agreements stipulated in the latest Memorandum of Mutual Understanding (MoMU) between JAEC and ATI for 2018-2022.

Taposok expressed her appreciation to the JAEC for the continued support for the young Filipino farmers. Similarly, JAEC Chairman Kazuo Nonaka assured the continued productive partnership of the Council with the Philippine Government.

Agenda of the meeting include the 2018 Program Review and Program Plan for 2019. JAEC shared that most of the Filipino young farmers have successfully adapted to the culture and farming system in Japan. The proposed schedule of activities for the YFFLTPJ 2019 was presented as well as the agreement on the inclusion of women trainees for the exchange program.

Discussions on the 4-H Club International Exchange Program under ATI 2017 Tier 2 Young Farmers Program and the JAEC’s follow-up tour in the Philippines and farm visits to former program trainees were likewise undertaken.

The OIC-Director and Ms. Parot also attended the Summer Training of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Young Farmer Leaders Training Program to Japan in Ibaraki Prefecture. During the activity, they have met the ASEAN trainees including some Filipino delegates as well as the YFFLTPJ 2018 trainees. Taposok delivered a message during the Closing Ceremony where she surfaced the significance of the Training Program in providing them with opportunities to advance in their agricultural endeavors. She as well posed the serious challenge to encourage more young people to engage in agriculture.

Likewise, the ATI and JAEC officials conducted the monitoring of selected Filipino young farmers in Shizuoka Prefecture. The host families of the trainees provided good feedback in terms of the work ethic and attitude of the young farmers. The selected trainees are also thrilled to go back in their respective farms in the Philippines and apply the various technologies they have learned.

The Annual Meeting with JAEC and the monitoring of YFFLTPJ 2018 trainees were held last August 27 – September 1, 2018.

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