3rd National OA Scientific Conference Exhibits Various OA Initiatives for Future Generation

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Dr. Luz Taposok serves as the guest speaker during the 3rd National Organic Agriculture Scientific Conference in USM

Dr. Luz Taposok serves as the guest speaker during the 3rd National Organic Agriculture Scientific Conference in USM

KORONADAL, South Cotabato – The 3rd National Organic Agriculture Scientific Conference marks another year of innovations, researches, developments, and milestones for the organic agriculture industry in the Philippines according to Dr. Luz Taposok of the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI).

As the guest speaker of the said event, the OIC-Director provided a brief background on the practice of organic agriculture (OA). She explained that OA surfaced when farmers and consumers realized the environmental and health hazards caused by the substantial amount of chemicals being used in both crop and animal production. She remarked, “Man’s ingenuity has been pushed beyond limits to create, recreate, and bring advancement to the agricultural society that on the downside has disturbed and brought disastrous consequences to our soil, the earth, and to us, humans.”

In terms of the beginnings of OA that changed and progressed in villages and farming communities over the ages, local farmers were able to pass their best practices from one generation to the next through trial-and-error as indicated by the OIC-Director.

She as well reiterated the benefits of OA which entails an ecologically and socially friendly food system with the main goal as defined by the Food and Agriculture Organization, to optimize the health and productivity of the interacting communities such as soil life, plants, animals and people.

Taposok also underscored the relevance of the conference to the OA industry. “Gatherings as this conference, serve as an avenue to disseminate the results of research and development initiatives making it available to the science community, OA practitioners, and the general public,” she expressed.

She added that the plenary sessions, paper presentations, farmers’ and students’ fora, showcase of organic products during the activity were important measures in promoting a science-based organic agriculture program throughout the country.

Taposok ended her speech with a reminder to the younger generation, “Always remember the economic, ecological and social sustainability aims of OA and consequently be the voice in advocating its noble intents for the present society as well as the generation after you.”

The conference organized by the Organic Agriculture Society of the Philippines (OASP), Inc. in partnership with the University of Southern Mindanao (USM), was anchored on the implementation of Republic Act 10068 known as the Organic Agriculture Act of 2010. It was held last September 18-22, 2017 in The Farm at Carpenter Hill with the theme “OASP: Mentoring the Next Generation on Organic Agripreneurship.”