Taposok to ATI Technical Personnel: Learn, Practice, Teach Extension

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ATI OIC-Director Luz Taposok welcomes the participants of the TOT on EDS and mentions the need for ATI personnel to also be equipped with the knowledge on extension.

QUEZON CITY - Extension professionals are vital players of agricultural and rural development. As part of an institution providing extension services and to support the pool of extension professionals, personnel of the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) should also be able to discuss the basics of agricultural extension; understand its various strategies and methods, as well as demonstrate effective communication skills in extension.

This was the main message of ATI Officer-in-Charge (OIC) Director Luz Taposok to the participants of the Training of Trainers (TOT) on Extension Delivery System (EDS) Batch 1.

Taposok explained that ATI is mandated to provide technical skills and knowledge essential to agricultural development which can consequently result to sustainable socio-economic progress. Hence, the ATI workforce are also increasingly obliged to have well developed technical skills across a broad range of farming knowledge, well developed socio-political standpoints on the centrality of farming in our society through constant learning and building process.

“I know that you are all well aware that more than reading and learning materials, the EDS modules you will later discuss will serve as a platform for building practices that eventually make or break a community especially the farm families,” she addressed the ATI technical staff from the various regions and Central Office.

The OIC-Director further stated, “After this training, I am certain that you will all have expertise on EDS and will be ready to communicate what you have learned.”

Taposok also thanked the participants for re-educating themselves for the benefit of the farmers.

The TOT on EDS participated by some technical staff of the ATI Regional Training Centers and Central Office was held last June 25-29, 2018.

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