Recognizing Role of Youth in Food Production, Agricultural Advancement

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Some 400 senior high school (SHS) students receive Certificates as passers of National Competencies and Immersion in support to K12 Program in Region I.

ROSARIO, La Union - Redesigning agriculture in the changing times is possible with the capabilities of the youth.

This was highlighted by Officer-in-Charge Director Luz Taposok of the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) to some 400 senior high school (SHS) students during the First Recognition Rites for the passers of the National Competencies and Immersion in support to K12 Program in Region I.

Taposok congratulated the SHS students who have demonstrated competence in various agricultural practices and received their National Certificates. She also expressed her delight in knowing that more and more young individuals aspire to develop their knowledge and skills in farming.

She likewise indicated that deciding what career track to follow is an overwhelming task especially for SHS students. However, Taposok guaranteed that they all made an appropriate decision.

“Now that you are here, having completed your immersion in the farm and now ready to receive your national certificates, I assure you, students, you are in the right track,” she remarked.

The new curriculum of the Department of Education (DepEd) enables the students to decide for their professional path in the early years of their academic lives.

According to Taposok, DepEd’s K12 Program is not made to pressure the students. “As I have observed, the emerging trend among millennials today is how they feel pressured to be someone to contribute in the development of the world,” Taposok expressed.

She further inculcated in the minds of the students that engaging in farming or choosing agriculture as a way of life already makes them contributors of development and worldwide food production.

Moreover, Taposok mentioned that there are still several concepts and practices to improve in the agriculture sector as the world changes in time. She explained, “We need a new generation of farmers. Oftentimes, innovations start with you, millennials. Young and dynamic individuals who are keen in researching and finding ways to help transform livelihood.”

Despite the challenges that lay ahead, Taposok is hopeful in the potential of the youth to drive agricultural advancement. “I hope you will never lose that flaming passion to feed the world and initiate change. I am confident that we can count on you in this pursuit to national progress,” she added.

The activity in collaboration with DepEd, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and Rocapor’s Farm was held last February 23, 2018 in Rosario Town Center.

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