Growth and Seed Yield of Bush Snap Bean Varieties as Affected by Drought Condition

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The current problem on drought stress to some parts of the country served as a springboard in the evaluation of bush snap bean varieties that could withstand drought conditions.

This study was conducted to know the viability of growth and seed yield of some ten selected varieties of bush snap bean under drought condition. It also aimed to compare their growth and seed yield under irrigated and moderate drought condition; determine the highest seed yield produced in drought condition; and determine the interaction effect of drought stress levels in La Trinidad, Benguet.

During field experiments, it was found that drought stress at any stage caused decrease in growth parameters. More so, snap bean plants that are in reproductive or flowering stage was most affected by moderate to severe stress. Furthermore, the samples showed low chlorophyll content when subjected in such condition.

Researcher Salve C. Felix of Benguet State University, said that among the ten snap bush bean varieties experimented, Lipstican, Red bean, Pinto, and Lusong white are recommended during drought season.

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