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Krav Maga and Gardening: Life Affirming Amidst Chaos

There is something soothing and life affirming when you see a seed grow and bear fruit amidst the chaos that surrounds it. This could very well be one of the motivations of CPT. Regidor Duldulao of the 1st Special Forces Batallion based in Mampayag, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. Despite a background in Electronics Communication Engineering and the Philippine Military Academy, Capt. Duldulao considers himself a farmer. He plants vegetables and flowers all over the Camp.

From Violators to Cultivators

I used to be afraid to visit a jail. This perception has been formed by the movies that I saw where the jail is portrayed as a place of chaos. But since we at ATI Northern Mindanao conducted a Season-long Training on Urban Vegetable Gardening inside the El Salvador City Jail, that fear has ebbed a little.

Magic 13: Future Farmer-Millionaires

I was with a group of stakeholders in agriculture. We have a half day free day and decided to do something about it. Majority went to an adventure park, our group went to a farm that is an ATI-accredited Learning Site while another group opted to just sleep and laze the afternoon away. When we all came back, we eagerly shared what we experienced.

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