AgRiDOC Graduates of Zamboanga del Sur: Featuring their Project Proposals

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Mr. Nino Codino, AgRiDOC Focal Person with Mr. Junport Gimenez from Mahayag, Zamboanga del Sur, during the MOA signing.

The Department of Agriculture (DA), National Rice Program through the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) will provide start-up fund to the approved Community Development Plan of the AgRiDOC Graduates.

Spearheaded by the Project Officer, Mr. Nino O. Codino, the area evaluation and signing of the Memorandum of Agreement for the start-up fund (50, 000.00) of the AgriDOC particularly the graduates from Zamboanga del Sur Province in the municipalities of Margosatubig, Tigbao (2 Sites), Kumalarang and in Mahayag.

For the municipality of Margosatubig, Jason B. Deripaz, showed his targeted area for his proposal entitled “Enhancement Of The Community Organization Through Vermiculture“ in which the vision of the project is to transform the farming system from excessive use of synthetic inputs towards an environmental farming approach or natural farming system. Moreover, due to lower cost in farming, farmers are given the opportunity to earn more income, thereby addressing poverty reduction and ensuring food safety for the consuming public.

The said project shall be managed by the Limamawan Farmer’s Association , which is composed of 25 members and noted to have the capability to manage projects. This will be their start up fund to establish a vermicomposting project in their barangay since they were already knowledgeable regarding this technology.

There are two project proposal from the Municipality of Tigbao. One is made by Irene D. Cabo, her proposal is entitled “Soap Making”. There are 19 WEM-RIC association’s of Tigbao that are existing, WEM-RIC is a duly organized association. In Tigbao quite active and existing one with economic venture is common objectives of the foregoing association. Among economic undertakings to enhance livelihood and uplift ones living condition. Goat’s milk soap making is hereby instituted with support from members and LGU as well.

Crecensio C. Longaquit Jr., another graduate from Tigbao Zamboanga del Sur plans to launch his proposal entitled “Strengtening Peoples Organization Through Meat Processing Project“ in Brgy. Nilo, Tigbao Zamboanga del Sur. Barangay Nilo is one of the progressive barangay in the of Municipality of Tigbao, Zamboanga del Sur. With the assistance of the Department of Agriculture, Nilo Barangay Food Terminal, an LGU-based BFT has been established in this barangay with the Nilo Barangay Council as the operator. The operation of Nilo BFT has been handed to the existing Nilo Peoples Organization. The Nilo People Organization is duly registered by DOLE. The BFT operation is successfully managed by Nilo Peoples Organization.

There are some existing projects of the other organization in the Municipality of Tigbao such as Livestock dispersal and Hog fattening. The BFT directly buy live animals raised by the member of the Nilo PO. With the employment of the local resident butcher, the slaughtering of these animals and poultry shall be undertaken.

Most of the members wanted to venture on meat processing but they lack financing on the procurement of ingredients for meat processing and training as well, thus they want to avail assistance from the Government. Thus, Meat Processing is proposed to uplift the living condition of the farmers of Brgy. Nilo, Tigbao, Zamboanga del Sur.

From the Municipality of Kumalarang, is the proposal by Maryjane B. Baguara entitled “Fish and Marine Product Processing”. Since, the six coastal barangay are abundant with marine products such as bangus, tilapia, prawn, crabs from our brackish water and dilis, mackerel, danggit coming from our coastal shore. This variety of species can be process into different method of preparation by our women’s group and sell the product at much high prices but they are lack of skills and capital to fund to pursue this project.

The WEM/RIC Poblacion of Kumalarang is an existing organization but due to lack of capital, the association gradually lost their interest in attending meetings. In order to enhance the economic activity of the association, The DA-Kumalarang through the Proposal of Ms. Baguara fine ways to promote their marine products with the implementation of her proposal.

And lastly, for Municipality of Mahayag, is the proposed project of Mr. Junport B. Jimenez entitled “Expansion of the Bilogical Control Laboratory”. The Municipality already had an existing biological Control laboratory (Trichogramma Japonicum) for rice and (Trichogramma evanescens) for corn, but there is still a need for expansion to cater the needs of the farmers, in order to help them increase their production. Biological control is important as part of IPM which is being adopted in the recent era of pest control. Trichogramma is one of the effective pest control technique for rice stem borer and corn borers.

The Local Government Unit of Mahayag, Zamboanga del Sur will take care of the Bio-Con laboratory, responsible for the production, maintenance and distribution of trichogramma card. The card is given free to Mahayag farmers only, However it can also be bought for two pesos per card to cover the cost of production for farmers coming from different municipalities.

The project evaluation in Zamboanga del Sur was successfully conducted last January 15-19, 2018. The AgRiDOC Graduates are hereby mandated to work on their projects as soon as possible. - Sittie Norjanna Pala/Chared Ladera