ATI 8 is OMRO-loved

Baybay City, Leyte - Giving back is one of the driving forces of ATI 8 and the Organikong Magsasaka ng Rehiyon Otso’s (OMRO) Lakbay Alay.

The Knowledge Information and Technology Sharing (KITS) dubbed as Lakbay-Alay see members of OMRO and ATI 8 share their expertise as well as farm inputs to farms who are interested and ready to convert into organic farming. Each OMRO member brings something from his/her farm to share with the visited farm.
OMRO capped 2018 with a Lakbay Alay for ATI 8, its steady partner since the organization’s inception. The 4th Lakbay Alay for this year aimed to create an edible garden at ATI 8 showcasing the different technologies one can find in a learning site as shared by each OMRO member. The garden boosts of different types of herbs, a few vegetables, and the creativity of the members.

Jose Castillejos Jr., an OMRO member quipped, “This Lakbay-Alay is a good time to recharge, reenergize and refocus. Because for the whole year we've became busy with our farm in the promotion and development of organic farming. I am also happy that I am seeing a new bright light for OMRO. There's much to be done, but at least we have already refined our by-laws. It can serve us the goal and direction of the group. For me, I will encourage more and more farmers to become part of this group. And I am so happy that as early as now, we have here young farmers that is part of our advocacy. If we just embrace the vision and direction of OMRO, there's going to be a transformation in Region 8 and a revival to the farming system in the country.”

A new member was equally appreciative of the activity and the company. Ms. Geneva Acebedo remarked, “Thank you for accepting me in the group. I really appreciate the activities. It's different! Most of the farmers are busy in our respective farm but I admire you all because you spent 2 days to share what you have in return to the graces you received from ATI and other government agencies. Kudos OMRO.”

Another first timer to the OMRO Lakbay-Alay was Mr. Gary A. Ayuste. He shared, “It is my first time to attend the Lakbay-Alay, and I observed that this activity is one of the good opportunities to give and share. I witnessed the good connection and camaraderie in each member of OMRO and being one of the beekeeping advocate, I really need people who are into organic because bees only survive in an organic way. During my stay with the group, I admire their passion, the people full of knowledge and I really appreciate it all. This activity helps to boost the morale of the farmers.”

The activity was conducted on dec. 12-13, 2018 at VSU, Baybay City, Leyte. It was also a good opportunity for OMRO to revisit their by-laws in preparation for 2019. The next OMRO activity is scheduled in February 2019.